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Slow Mover Extension: Improved report for efficient warehouse management

Every warehouse knows the problem: items that hardly move and take up valuable space. In contrast to articles that are constantly required, these so-called slow movers are often just an obstacle and burden the storage capacity.

Usually, slow mover reports only show items that have sold little or not at all in a defined period of time. But with Commercers' Slow Mover Report, it goes much further! You can configure the range of coverage calculation to identify items that have had low sales for an extended period of time. You can also take into account the age of an item in the system and set the point in time at which an item should be marked as a slow mover. Finally, you can also specify how high the stock range should be in order to identify an item as a slow mover.

With this improved report you can significantly increase the efficiency of your warehouse management. You can export the slow mover data as a CSV file and analyze it further to make better decisions for your warehouse. Avoid unnecessary costs and increase productivity by targeting slow movers. With Commercers' Slow Mover Report you have the perfect solution for your warehouse.

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Revolutionize Your Warehouse Management with the Slow Mover Extension for Magento

Transform your warehouse's efficiency with Commercers' Slow Mover Extension for Magento. Say goodbye to cluttered spaces and hello to optimized inventory, as you effortlessly identify and manage slow-moving items that hinder your productivity.

1. Identify Slow Movers with Precision

Every warehouse manager grapples with the challenge of slow-moving items occupying valuable space. Traditional reports fall short, providing limited insights into products that stagnate on your shelves. Enter a groundbreaking solution: Commercers' Slow Mover Extension. This tool doesn't just list items selling sporadically; it delves deeper, offering configurable parameters to pinpoint your true slow movers.

2. Advanced Reporting for Informed Decision-Making

What sets our Slow Mover Report apart? The power of detailed analytics at your fingertips. Adjust coverage calculations to reveal items lingering due to low sales over extended periods. Factor in product age and define precise benchmarks for slow mover classification. With this data, you gain unparalleled clarity, empowering strategic decisions to streamline your inventory.

3. Optimize with Smart Inventory Insights

Beyond identification, the Slow Mover Extension enhances warehouse management efficiency. Export comprehensive data as a CSV file, diving into analysis that informs smarter strategies. Adjust stock levels, plan promotional efforts, or consider phase-outs to prevent cost accumulation associated with underperforming products.

4. Boost Productivity and Cost-Efficiency

With Commercers' Slow Mover Report, transform stagnant inventory from a burden to an opportunity. By targeting slow movers, you liberate valuable warehouse space, reduce holding costs, and enhance overall productivity. It's not just about trimming down; it's about strategic inventory management that propels your warehouse's performance and profitability.


Ready to revolutionize your warehouse management? Discover more about the Slow Mover Extension by Commercers and take the first step towards a leaner, more efficient inventory today.

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