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Extensions For Magento 2

Shop advice

The online shop is now the face of your brand! .commercers have specialized in mapping your corporate identity in your individual Magento online shop. Your customers should feel good about shopping in your shop and develop positive brand awareness. We make sure that your customers recognize your brand online and that you as the shop owner can say: "Yes, that's us!"

Of course, your shop should not only look good but also offer your customers functional shopping pleasure. In addition to the layout/design, usability is the second major factor that we implement professionally and sensibly for you.

We also program the backend for you according to your wishes:

  • Our merchandise management modules make your daily work more efficient!
  • With our reporting solutions, you create the necessary transparency for statistics, values ​​, and inventories!
  • Our extensions for Germany support you in the jungle of paragraphs!
  • Our automation extensions do the tedious work for you!
  • Our creative developers will also be happy to implement functions for you according to your wishes!

The .commercers are your competent contact if your plans for a webshop are still in the early stages. We accompany and support you in the first difficult finding phase up to the implementation and live to switch of your shop. We are also happy to take over the maintenance and, if necessary, further development of your new shop.

Do not be afraid to tell us your wishes. We have a solution for (almost) every functional or technical layout requirement. And if we don't have one, we'll develop one for you! Call us (+84 0905 293 200) or send us an email.

We are creative. We have the experience. We will do it.

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