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Notify Me! - eMail notification for individual events

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Notify Me! - eMail notification for individual events
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Wouldn't it be great to have the possibility to be informed by email in case

  • a defined customer placed an order

  • an order shall be shipped to a defined country

  • an order is placed using a defined payment method

  • and order is placed using a defined shipping method

  • an order contains a defined item

or all combined?

The extension Notify Me! by .commercers for Magento makes all this possible! Using similar rules like for cart discounts, Notify Me! can be configured for more or less every constellation of new orders and will inform defined recipients by email about this new order. You can create a new email template using the Magento standard template feature if you like to.

With Notify Me! you can inform admin 1 about a new Next-Day order and admin 2 about a new order which shall go to the USA.

With Notify Me! you can create unlimited rules to be informed about new orders.

Some examples for possible rule attributes:

  • itemdata (for example SKU, attibuteset, category, price etc.)

  • Subtotal

  • Qty

  • Weight

  • Ordercomment (because of no existing Magento standard comment, this feature has to be customized in many cases, so function cannot be granted!)

  • Payment method

  • Shipping method

  • Order status (the first lasting status after placing the order - for aborted payments for example)

  • Name / address of customer

You can use single conditions per rule but you can combine different conditions as well.

With Notify Me! for Magento it is possible to stay informed immediately about new orders matching defined conditions.

NEW in version 1.0.7: .commercers Notify Me! Extension for Magento CE now also compatible with Magento along with security patch SUPEE 6788.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible to Magento CE versions: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9.1.x, 1.9.2.x, 1.9.3.x
Release version: 1.0.7
Change Log -

Q: There are different versions to download. Es werden verschiedene Versionen zum Download angeboten. Can I just choose one?

A: No. According to your installed Magento version some problems may occur when using Notify Me!. So, please make sure to choose the right Notify Me! version according to your Magento version. In case you accidentally installed the wrong version, just install the correct one afterwards.



Magento Notify Me

Fast jeder Shop kennt Prozesse, bei denen die Standardprozesse nicht greifen und manuell in dei Prozesse eingegriffen werden muss; nur muss der Verantwortliche in der Regel eigenständig erkennen, wann eine solche Besonderheit vorliegt. Dies klappt -spätestens im Vertretungsfall- nicht immer und führt zu Fehlern und häufig auch zu einer Kundenunzufriedenheit.

Lassen Sie sich doch einfach mit Magento Notify Me genau über diese besonderen Konstellationen Benachrichtigungen per eMail senden, so dass Prozesse korrekt geleitet werden.