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Malware Checker guruincsite for Magento CE (free)

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Malware Checker guruincsite for Magento CE (free)
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Many Magento shops have recently been infected by "guruincsite" Malware. Among other things, this Malware attacks sensitive payment user data. The .commercers Malware Checker verifies your Magento files - including the related data base.

Just copy the .commercers Malware Checker php file into your magento root folder (where you can find files like index.php or .htaccess).

As for the data base you need to authorize our tool for searching within your database beforehand. Open the local.xml from your magento folder app/etc. Here you can find all information needed (approx. as of line 44). Now open the uploaded file malwarescanner.php from your magento root folder and copy the information between the brackets "[CDATA["  from "username", "dbname", "password" and "host" from the local.xml into the malwarescanner.php as of line 40.

Take care to keep the quotation marks.

Sample in local.xml:


becomes malwarescanner.php as of line 40:

public $servername = 'localhost';
public $username = 'testuser';
public $password = 'JduHg75%4FH';
public $databasename = 'testdatenbank';

Having adjusted your data, save and upload it before executing the malwarescanner.php ("").

In order to start the test, just enter your shop url into your browser and add /malwarescanner.php (""). It might take some time until the scanner has completed his work.

In case your shop is actually infected by "guruincsite" you will receive an information.

Very likely "guruincsite" uses a small gap in Magento. However, it has been closed with version In case you are using a previous version, we recommend you to install all relevant security patches. We are willing to assist you: Visit our security patch installation section here

Please note: We cannot guarantee revealing 100 % of "guruincsite" Malware scripts in every case. Our scanner files, coming to you completely free of charge, do not send any data from your shop to our company - they will only scan defined sections.

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Additional Information

Compatible to Magento CE versions: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8
Release version: 1.0.0
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"guruincsite" - An aggressive and highly critical malware is currently in circulation, grapping your customer's private payment details.

Infected shops are at risk of becoming banned. 

You consider one or more of the following points to be true for your shop? Get the free .commercers Malware Checker now!

  • You are not sure if you have installed all Magento security patches
  • You are not sure if your passwords are save enough
  • Your backend url is easy to find out