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Receiving Manager for Magento CE

Receiving Manager for Magento CE
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Magento Receiving products by scanning barcodes

Magento receiving bookings are cumbersome and require various steps. Our extension eases the process by the following functionalities:

  1. Just scan articles by any product attribute your system supports (e.g. EAN /GTIN), add quantity and you are done

  2. All receiving bookings are logged in a special table including user, date / time, article, quantity and delivery note reference (optional). The receiving log can be filtered by prescribed parameters and exported by Magento standard functionalities

  3. The log eases the matching of the delivery note and the actual receiving bookings within magento

  4. You can define for which articles a barcode shall be printed directly when receiving it and define which attribute shall be used for print

Additional functionalities are:

  1. Automatic status change to on stock in case article was out of stock

  2. Error message if article cannot be identified

  3. Individual message if article had negative stock prior receiving booking (e.g. for articles reserved)

  4. You are able to print out a defined attribute (e.g. EAN) when receiving articles.

See our documentation (below the "Add to Cart" button) for all details.

Of course this extension is fully compatible with other extensions of .commercers like the Stock Taking Manager , the Order Proposal or the Stock Information Tool

NEW in version 0.4.8: Using .commercers Receiving Extension for Magento CE you are now also able to enter stock changes vice versa which means that you can derecognise stock per item in case of broken or out-of-order items - incl. transparent history!

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible to Magento CE versions: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9.1.x, 1.9.2.x, 1.9.3.x
Release version: 0.4.9
Change Log

Version 0.4.1

  • Print barcode when receiving a defined article
  • Second / alternative attribute can be used for receiving
  • Better sync to .commercers Order Proposal extension

Version 0.4.2

  • Fixed bug: Extension deleting group - and tierprice for the received product

Version 0.4.3

  • Performance adjustments

Version 0.4.4

  • Logic error fixed

Version 0.4.5

  • Small compatibility bug fixied concerning .commercers Order proposal tool

Version 0.4.6

  • Access to receiving transaction simplified

Version 0.4.7

  • Now compatible with Magento and SUPEE 6788

Version 0.4.8

  • Incl. derercognising manager + commentary feature & history log

Version 0.4.9

  • Bug Fixes


Q: How do barcode scanners and this extension interplay? Do I need additional software to let them work together?

A: No, it's „Plug & Work“. Most barcode scanners are connected via USB. Since the mouse curser is automatically placed within the correspondig field when starting our extension, you can use your scanner immediately. Basically, it's more or less like using a keyboard.



About Commercers

Commercers serves as a Magento Agency and conceptualizes, implements, administrates and runs Magento solutions. Special solutions are provided for the inhouse management of merchandising materials with special reporting and budgeting requirements.

The Magento receiving manager was developed for own purposes and will continuously developed further.


Customer Reviews 6 item(s)

Top für uns
Endlich ist nachvollziehbar wann welcher Artikel gekommen ist. In Verbindung mit der anderen Warenwirtschaftextesnion noch besser
Review by Ben Rufger
Viel besser als jeden einzelnen Artikel zu öffnen
Wir finden die Möglichkeit Lieferscheindaten zu hinterlegen sehr gut. So können wir nachträglich mit der Warenwirtschaftsextension nachvollziehen, wann welche Bestellung eingetroffen ist. So ist die Artikelverwaltung deutlich einfacher.
Review by Henner Frank
Now I know
what is going on in my shop. I can see all products coming in and know when and who received them.
Great job! Great price!
Review by John Defoe
Alles bestens
Ich kann mich meinem Vorrednern nur Anschließen. Funktioniert und war einfach zu installieren, alles Perfekt!
Review by Felix Antoine
Schnell und gut
Schnelle und einfache Erfassung mit dem Scanner und dem Notebook.
Review by Ludwig
Neue Version
Hatten vorher die alte Version und sind nun zur neuen gewechselt. SEHR COOLE Überarbeitung. Mehr Features und schneller.
Review by FPC3