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Baseprice and Amount - Extension for Magento

Baseprice and Amount - Extension for Magento
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For selling products which are not sold as a piece but in different amounts there are some problems in using Magento. This is why .commercers developed „Baseprice & Amount“ to enable Magento selling amounts like gram, centimeter, pounds etc.

Example: You want to sell sugar which is stored in large packages. You want to sell it in amounts of

  • 100 gram

  • 250 gram

  • 500 gram

  • 5000 gram

You don‘t want to use configurable products. You want to have one single product „sugar“ and customers are able to choose which amount they want to order. To make them buy larger amounts the baseprice of 5000 gram is lower than for 100 gram.

In standard Magento offers the feature of „custom options“ to offer different amounts.

But there are some problems with this standard:

  1. Prices for larger amounts will be shown only as +X not as total.

  2. There is no baseprice for the product without changing Magento. Of course you could add the baseprice to the description (or use an extension) but the baseprice will not change when changing the amount.

  3. The storeowner cannot choose the amount which will be shown as the standard amount.

For all Magento shops selling goods with different amounts we created the Magento extension „Baseprice & Amount“.

Now you can offer different amounts of your products and make it customers comfortable to choose the right amount.

With "Baseprice & Amount" extension for Magento you are able to use the Magento standard feature "custom options" which is extended by a new feature "Baseprice & Amount". You can create an option for every amount of the product you want to offer. In standard Magento shows the prices for options as + X. "Baseprice & Amount" shows the prices for different amounts as totals and -in configured- with every baseprice directly behind the total of each amount option.

Your customers will be very comfortable seeing:

  • which amounts are available

  • how much every amount is in total

  • the baseprice for every amount available

Furthermore you are able to have customs options for those products (e.g. special packaging). The prices for the other options are -Magento standard- shown as + X.

The .commercers extension "Baseprice & Amount" is a MUST HAVE for all storeowners selling products in different amounts.

NEW: Showing prices including tax or excluding tax in Baseprice & Amount – as of version 1.0.4 your price presentation in frontend will correspond to tax settings made under System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Tax -> Calculation Settings (Catalog Prices) respectively Price Display Settings (Display Product Prices In Catalog). For example, now you can enter prices excluding tax in backend and get them displayed including tax in frontend.

Do you want to see more? Test our extension directly in our testshop. Go to Frontend or Backend

The extension is compatible to Magento version 1.4 BUT you cannot place an order in the backend for a baseprice & amount product because of the missing popup feature in Magento 1.4

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible to Magento CE versions: 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9.1.x, 1.9.2.x, 1.9.3.x
Release version: 1.0.4
Change Log

Version 1.0.0
New extension

Version 1.0.1
Orders can be placed in the backend now

Version 1.0.2
Compatibility between Baseprice & Amount and stock management

Version 1.0.3
Solved bug with meters

Version 1.0.4
Price presentation in frontend will correspond to tax settings made in admin


Q: The new prices / baseprices are not shown in the category view.

A: Please have a look in the documentation pdf. The code you have to replace in the list.phtml is shown there.

Q: I want to make the font size of the baseprice smaller. How do I do this?

A: In the documentation on the last pages you will find instructions how to use CSS for doing this.

Q: What about special prices?

A: The standard price features of Magento are disabled for products with Baseprice & Amount option. You can define the price for each amount of course or use a cart promo rule to have discounts.

Q: Is the extension compatible to Magento CE version 1.4?

A: Yes. BUT you cannot place an order with baseprice and amount products in the backend because of the missing popup feature of the Magento 1.4 version



Baseprice and Amount extension for Magento CE makes it possible to use the "custom options" feature of Magento for selling products which are available in different amounts and units.


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Das habe ich gesucht
Ich wollte keine konfigurierbaren Produkte für meine Gewürzabfüllungen anlegen, da diese immer direkt aus den großen Einheiten entnommen werden. Dies geht nur über individuelle Optionen aber hier bekommt man keinen Grundpreis rein. Mit der Extension kann ich sogar noch bestimmen welche Einheit, was als Standard angezeigt werden soll und wie die Anzeige in der Kategorie sein soll. Super!
Review by Bernhard L
Sehr schön
Review by :-D