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Auto Content for Magento CE

Auto Content for Magento CE
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Magento Auto Content generates automatically translations and Meta's based on product attributes.

Magento Auto Content let you save efforts and costs for generating product content.

If you run a multi-language store and / or listing your products on ebay or Amazon you are well aware about all the special requirements concerning product description and special fields with defined lengths.These efforts are directly connected to cost and do lead to unproperly maintained data or excluding potential sales opportunities due to economical reasons.

Magento Auto Content let's you generate most of the prescribed data semi-automatically. You just need to set-up an auto content template and sufficient product attributes. The auto content template defines which product attribute should be filled with which fixed and / or variable content.

For a simple but relevant translation it is sufficient to use some product attributes. Example:

type of product, series and color.

For Germany:

Die {type of product} aus der Kollektion {series} in der trendigen Farbe {color} jetzt im Testshop.

Für Eng:

The {type of product} from the colletion {series} in stylish {color} in your Testshop.

Für Fr:

Le {type of product} de la collection {series} en couleur tendance {color} dans l'atelier de test.


Of course you can also use these templates to create special fields for Amazon, Meta Title, Meta keywords and meta descriptions etc.

To ensure appropriate templates, products adjusted by auto content templates can be filtered and also excluded by various parameters. Additionally, conditional statements help you to create meaningful content.

The number of characters per field filled by auto content can also be limited, to avoid none acceptance of data transfer e.g. at Amazon bullet points.

.commercers Auto Content Extension for Magento CE is also compatible with Magento along with security patch SUPEE 6788.

NEW since version 1.1.3: While defining your templates you can now choose "none" category as well.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible to Magento CE versions: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9.1.x, 1.9.2.x, 1.9.3.x, 2.3.x
Release version: 1.1.3
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The Auto Content Extension für Magento CE generates automatically content for all product information based on fixed text and / or product attributes. This includes but is not limit to Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions, Meta Titles etc. Additionally, the extensions can be used to create automatically translations of product titles and description by using translated product attributes.