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Agecheck and verification extension for Magento CE

Agecheck and verification extension for Magento CE
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NEW since version 2.1.0 - Using .commercers Agecheck and Verification you can activate age check for regular customers as well or adopt customer status of previous Age Verification versions.

Age verification extensions for Magento are not very common and if they are they are either much too expensive or not in compliance with law.

The .commercers Agecheck and Verification extension for Magento enhances all agechecks so far.

Usually agechecks are limited to asking the customer for his age or birthday when entering the page. That's it! But this is not enough to ensure that only permitted customers are accepted by the shop.
Our extensions is divided in two agecheck sections. First it show the known "When is your birthday" landing page where customers have to enter their birthday and accept the terms of use.

Afterwards the .commercers extensions offers the second and better agecheck for your Magento shop. There are two different methods available from which one is only thought to be used for German IDs.

  • The ID checker - customers can put in the number blocks of their (German) ID while checking out or during registration. The system checks whether the number is correct and calculates the age of the customer at the same time. If the number and the age are correct the system verifies the customer account directly and the customer can purchase products from your shop without any action from your side.

  • The (universal) document upload - when registering the customer can upload a document like a scan or image of his ID. After registration the document is stored in the customers account and the admin gets a notification by email about the new customers account which has to be verified. He now logs into the backend of the Magento shop checks the scan and verifies the account. The customers gets an information mail instantly and can purchase directly in the shop.

As long as a customer account is verified the customer is allowed to purchase products in your shop and does not have to verify again. This makes customers come back to your store again and again.

Additionally you can enable the product attribute "FSK18" for products of your choice. Those products can only be added to cart if the customer passed the age check before. You now can offer your customers accounts with or without verified age. Logged in customers who are not verified are also able to run the age check in their customer account, subsequentely.

The .commercers Agecheck and Verification extension for Magento ensures legal protection for children and young persons more than only asking for the age and protects more from risks of being punished. Because of the configuration it can be used worldwide and not for Germany only!

Do you want to see more? Test our extension directly in our testshop. Go to Frontend or Backend

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible to Magento CE versions: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9.1.x, 1.9.2.x
Release version: 2.1.1
Change Log


  • Bug fixing start screen


  • Minor bug fix


  • Compatibility with Magento and security patch SUPEE 6788


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Now with FSK18 attribute to be enabled optionally for products of your choice - those products can only be added to cart if customers completed the age verfication before
  • Customers additionally can complete the Age verification in their customer account section (Frontend)


  • Minor layout fixes


  • Fixes customer status issue for existing customers before installation, improves block ID check


  • Activates age check for regular customers or adopts customer status of previous Age Verification versions


  • Bug fixes

Q: Upload of identity documents is not working. There is only a blank page.

A: In case of a white page shown when attempting to upload an identification document, please check the permission settings via FTP as follows: Change the permissions of the folder media/uploads and all sub-folders, and files to 755. Click with the right click on the appropriate folders, type in 755, and select "Apply to all files and directories".

Q: After having installed age verification all existing customers have got the age check status "no" and cannot run the age verification.

A: Please adjust „Reconfig AV-Status:“ in backend configuration as follows

a)    Switch to yes, then save

b)    Switch to „no“, then save again

Afterwards, all "old" customers should have got the status "inactive", and should be able to run the age verification

Q: The landing page looks strange and different from the example. I use my own theme or RWD

A: Please copy the theme files from extension folder app/design/frontend/default/default to your theme.

Q: I want to make some minor changes to the layout of the landing page or other extension elements. How do I do this?

A: For smaller changes like colour, fontsize etc. edit the file style.css in folder js/commercers/ageverification.

Q: I want to make some changes to the language. How do I do this?

A: For translation edit the file Commercers_Ageverification.csv im Ordner app/locale/en_US (or copy this file to your language folder and translate).

Q: Ony registered customers are allowed to purchase products in my shop. In case a customer wants to register while checking out the agecheck is not shown.

A: In this case the agecheck can only be shown in the registration form. Please disable being able to register while checking out by going to System > Configuration > Sales / Checkout / Require Customer To Be Logged In To Checkout and setting this option to „Yes“.

Q: The age verification block is not shown at the checkout.

A: To show the age verification block in the chechout, please edit the billing.phtml used by your theme (in standard: app/design/frontend/base/default/template/persistent/checkout/onepage) and add the following code BEFORE the line <div class="buttons-set" id="billing-buttons-container"> (about line 195):


     <?php echo $this->getChildHtml('checkout.onepage.billing.extra')?>




Multiple agecheck and verification extension for Magento CE


Customer Reviews 6 item(s)

Mir reichte diese einfache "Wann bist du geboren?" Sache oder noch schlimmer dieses "Bist du auch wirklich schon 18?" nicht. Mit dieser Extension habe ich ein deutlich sichereres Gefühl. Klar ist es kein Postident aber deutlich besser als die einfache Altersabfrage.
Die Installation ging dann auch schnell und einfach. Die Anleitung ist sehr umfangreich.
Review by J. Müller
Perfect agecheck even though this is meant mainly for germany but I can use it for italy as well using the document upload feature. Much better than the usual how old r u thing!
Review by John
Die Konfiguration ist etwas unübersichtlich
das liegt aber daran das eben viel einzustellen ist. Wenn man sich aber einmal durch gearbeitet hat, klappt es sehr gut. Und der Kundensupport ist auch gut bei Fragen.
Review by Julius
Habe lange nach einer Extension gesucht, die mehr macht als nur "Wie alt bist du?". Mit der extension hier, habe ich das gefunden was mir vorschwebte. Ich nutze beide Verfahren (Perso und Upload) in meinem Shop.
Review by ..
Eine Altersverifikation zwischen PostIdent und "Wie alt bist du?". Das war das was ich suchte.
Review by Benjamin Rickert
Alterscheck für Magento
Umfassende Extension mit vielen Einstellmöglichkeiten
Review by Luis