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Commercers GmbH is specialized in Material Management Extensions for Magento

For small and middle sized online shops the implementation of a material management system is generally economically not feasible. Magento is a professional online shop system, but is lacking most material management functionalities.
In standard features like stock taking, stock receiving, order proposal, stock history etc. are not  supported by the Magento standard. Commercers close this gaps by providing Material Management Extensions for Magento CE, like

  • Magento Stock taking (by barcode for example)
  • Magento Stock history for each article
  • Magento Receiving controll and history
  • Magento Stock history
  • Magento Order proposal and stock reach
  • Magento Stockinformation

You don't need an expensive and complex Material Management System for these functionalities. Commercers Material Management  Extensions for Magento cover all these function. You will save up to 70% of material management time.

NEW: All important changes belonging to the alteration in revocation / cancellation law on 06/13/2014 and other changes for B2C shop owners in the EU. We created a new extension for the new revocation / cancellation rules for Magento. This is available in our Shop.