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  1. Give your admin all the access to deleting customer accounts automatically through the Autp Delete Customer Account Magento 2. Enable your admin to clear data from the Magento 2 ‘Customers’ section at their will . Add this extension to get over the limitation of not being able to delete the mass of the customer account automatically.

    What You Get:

    • Option to Automatically Deletes the Account from Magento 2 Store based on the accounts' age

    • Ability to save time and data by not keeping too old customer accounts in your store. 

    • Added Auto Delete Account Feature that Magento Doesn’t Already Provide. 

  2. The Slow Mover Report for Magento 2 from Commercers can do so much more.

    Every warehouse has them, hardly anyone likes them: warehouse goods that have been in the warehouse for a long time. Colloquially, it is also often referred to as a slow mover.
    In contrast to the items that are constantly needed, the "slow movers" usually just lie on the shelves and take up a considerable part of the valuable storage capacity.

    Most slow mover reports only show the items that have sold little or not at all in a defined period of time.

    The Slow Mover Report from the Commercers can do a lot more! You can configure in how many days the days' supply calculation should be taken into account, from what age an item should be taken into account (how many days ago it was created in the system) and how high the stock days' supply should be in order to mark the item as a slow mover. You can then export the data as a CSV file.

    Slow Mover
  3. Incorrect shipping addresses are a thing of the past thanks to Commercers' address verification via Google

    Incorrect delivery addresses always cause problems. Regardless of whether the customer makes a typo when ordering or forgets something when entering something - the result is the same: the delivery does not reach the customer. This causes both more effort due to the new shipment and more delivery costs, which the entrepreneur usually has to bear.

    This is a hassle for you that you can save yourself. Thanks to the Commercers' address field limitation for Magento 2, this additional effort is now history.

    The extension already checks in the checkout whether the characters are too long and whether the address was entered correctly. You can specify how many characters are allowed per field in the configurations. With a Google API code, the extension can check the correctness of the address. If the address is incorrect, the customer will receive a message to double-check the address before completing the order. You can set in the configurations whether you want to allow invalid addresses. If a customer completes an order with an incorrect address, a stored user receives an email asking them to check the address manually.