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Deep Tracking

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More transparency, more happier customers, more repeat sales with Deep Tracking Extension for Magento 2 from Commercers.

You know that, your processing is perfect, but the shipping service provider does not perform. How about being able to anticipate delivery delays and inform your customers before they find out about the delay?

Deep tracking starts where most online shops stop. If there are delays with DHL or DPD, the system will inform you automatically and you can actively inform your customers.. The parcel status is queried directly from the parcel service provider at regular intervals via the tracking number. The result is then displayed in the system in the form of order statuses. In addition to the status 'complete', there are the following statuses:

     'On the way to the posting depot',  'On the way to 

     Delivery depot', 'In delivery' and 'Delivered'.

However, the gain in transparency goes even further!

The system determines at regular intervals whether the status has changed in the expected time range. If this is not the case, defined persons are automatically informed with the relevant data in order to identify any problems and initiate corrective measures before the recipient becomes aware of them.

All in all: happier customers and more repeat sales

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Der Auftragsverlauf wird in der Regel nur bis zum Versand im Shop-System abgebildet. Mit der Deep-Tracking Extension für Magento 2 von den Commercers wird die Transparenz wesentlich erweitert. Deep Tracking startet dort, wo die meisten online Shops aufhören. Kommt es bei DHL oder DPD zu Verzögerungen, informiert Sie das System automatisiert und Sie können Ihre Kunden aktiv informieren.
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