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Auto Delete - Automatically delete server files for Magento 2

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Magento Auto Delete automatically deletes specific files based on age or size for you

What do I need this for?

Your System.log is already several MBs in size, you have 1,000 files in your /Report folder, the server is running out of disk space because backups are constantly being written but none are deleted, or the error.log is so large that it can hardly be edited. All this does not help the performance of your shop and file cleaning on the server is usually not a priority 1 activity. So why not automatically delete files over a certain age and size?

period of time - here in days - after which these folders should be deleted.

To do this, you must first define the desired folder or folders and then from what size the content of the respective folder should be deleted. Auto delete setting backend magento 2 extension.

Auto delete Setting backend magento 2 Extension

With a cron job you can set when these processes should take place.


Auto Delete-Automatic deletion for Magento- With this extension you can automatically delete files that are too large or too old and thus ensure a better running server.

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