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Auto Product Relation (Auto Cross Sell)

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Why is it a must-have extension?

It is definitely a powerful tool to earn more revenue from your existing customers. What's more, our extension can help you to encourage your customers to spend more money by suggesting items from other categories which complement the main product and save your efforts and time with an automatic process.


How it works

1. Determination of the maximum number of products to be assigned according to which priority.

If you want to assign cross-sell products from different products to a product, you can limit the number of assignments

2. Determination of the products to which cross-sell products are to be assigned

The definition of the products to be considered is done via the standard filter  function of Magento, which is also known from the area of voucher creation. Here, products can be defined via attribute sets and product attributes with (nested) and / or links.


3. Determination of the products to be allocated


4. Set the priority of the profile

Since the number of profiles is unlimited, more cross-sell products could be assigned to a product via the various profiles than the global configuration allows. In order to ensure meaningful   prioritization here as well, you can prioritize the individual products within a profile as well as the profiles themselves.

It makes sense to define a low priority for general profiles (high prio number) and a high priority for special profiles.

5. Run cron job



6. CrossSell Process Log

We can check whether there are any cross-sell products that have been linked with the main products.

Please follow:  Marketing -> CrossSell Process Log.

7. Send Email to Customers

When the customers check out successfully, this extension will create a email under pending. This email will be sent under the rules that we set-up in the configuration before.

Please follow:  Marketing -> CrossSell Followup Email

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