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Who or what are ".commercers"?

.commercers support you with your Magento project in the way you need it.

  1. You have a Magento Shop running and would like to optimize it on your own?

    You are very welcome, have a look to our Magento blog and find more than 100 solutions for your Magento problem.

  2. You would like to optimize your existing Magento Shop and require individual Magento support?

    You are very welcome. Let us have your Magento problem and we will look for the best solution for you. If you would like your shop to be reviewed, we will do a shop analysis including on-site experience, usability and SEO / SEM status to identify improvement opportunities within your Magento shop. You decide afterwards, which opportunities you go for and which tasks you would like us to do.

  3. You have an interesting product and would like to use an online shop as an additional distribution channel without all the hassle?

    No problem. We are not only acting as an agency, we run our own online shops as a dealer and experience daily the challenges. You are invited to participate from our experience from the shop concept to the fulfillment. We are providing full service solutions with our logistic partner. We even find solutions on very low investment levels by which we will participate on the success of your Magento project.

  4. You need your POS and POP merchandises to administer and distribute most efficiently.

    We offer various Magento functionalities for POS / POP merchandise distribution including budgets, limited product allocation, closed shops opened by smart tokens, individual catalogues, data gateways to logistic partners and ERP systems, online reporting, vouchers etc. Join companies like Brown Forman, Nestlé Waters, BASF and Eni / Agip by utilising our specialised POS / POP merchandise solution.


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