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Enhance Order Processing with Deep Tracking: Automated Delivery Tracking and Early Warning System

Efficient order processing is critical in online retail. But what happens when your shipping service provider lags behind? Deep Tracking by Commercers enables you to foresee delivery delays and proactively inform your customers before they become aware of any disruptions.

Our system continuously monitors your parcel's tracking number and retrieves real-time parcel status updates directly from the service provider. Beyond the typical "In delivery" or "Delivered" statuses, it also includes intermediate checkpoints like "On the way to the posting depot" or "On the way to the delivery depot."

What's especially valuable is that if the package's status doesn't update as expected, the system automatically alerts designated individuals about the delay. This empowers you to take swift action and resolve potential issues before the recipient is even aware of them. The result? Satisfied customers and increased repeat sales.

With Deep Tracking, you go beyond the standard, ensuring transparent and dependable product delivery, setting you apart from most online shops.

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Magento Version 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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Stay Ahead with Deep Tracking: Revolutionize Customer Experience with Proactive Delivery Alerts

In the competitive world of e-commerce, customer satisfaction is paramount. Elevate your store's reliability with Commercers' Deep Tracking system, the ultimate solution for anticipating delivery delays and keeping your customers informed, ensuring their shopping experience is nothing short of excellent.

1. Anticipate Delays, Maintain Trust

The reality of online retail is unpredictable delivery outcomes, with shipping providers occasionally falling behind schedule. Deep Tracking acts as your early warning system, meticulously monitoring each parcel's journey. It doesn't just track packages; it forecasts disruptions, enabling your team to proactively update customers about delays, fostering transparency, and trust.

2. Real-Time Updates for Real Customer Satisfaction

Deep Tracking redefines parcel monitoring by providing comprehensive, real-time status updates. From the moment orders leave your hands to intermediate checkpoints like "On the way to the posting depot," or "On the way to the delivery depot." you'll have access to detailed insights beyond the standard delivery notifications. This continuous stream of information is your key to a more responsive, customer-centric service approach.

3. Automated Alerts: The Backbone of Proactive Customer Service

Unexpected stall in a package's journey? Our system instantly notifies the right members of your team if a parcel's status stalls, facilitating quick resolution strategies. This isn't just about preventing a single delayed delivery; it's about safeguarding your brand's reputation, ensuring customer loyalty, and fostering repeat business through exemplary service.

4. Set a New Standard in E-commerce Delivery

Integrating Deep Tracking isn't just an operational decision; it's a commitment to your customers' overall experience. By ensuring transparent and dependable delivery updates, you position your online shop as a paragon of reliability and customer service in the digital marketplace.


Ready to transform your customers' post-purchase experience? Learn more about how Deep Tracking can redefine the way you manage deliveries, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Have Deep Tracking stories to share? We invite you to leave a review or share your experiences in the comments. Your journey inspires us to innovate further!

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