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Efficient Delivery Processes with Google Address Verification by Commercers

Incorrect delivery addresses can pose significant challenges for businesses. Typos or missing information in customer orders can lead to delivery errors, resulting in increased costs, extra work, and shipment tracking hassles. However, there's a solution that can transform your delivery processes into a smooth and efficient operation: Commercers' Google Address Verification.

Our extension starts the verification process right at checkout, ensuring the accuracy of entered address data. In the extension's configurations, you have the flexibility to define character limits for address fields, creating a customizable address field limitation. Additionally, the extension leverages Google's API to check the customer's address for accuracy. If an address is found to be incorrect, the customer is promptly alerted and asked to review and correct the entry.

You can also configure the extension to allow or disallow invalid addresses. Should a customer proceed with an incorrect address, a designated user will automatically receive an email, requesting manual address verification.

Commercers' Google Address Verification offers numerous benefits for businesses. It streamlines the verification of address details, minimizing errors and delivery issues. The extension saves both time and money by eliminating the need for reshipments and follow-ups. Furthermore, it's easy to install and configure.

In conclusion, Commercers' Google Address Verification is the ideal solution for businesses seeking efficient and hassle-free delivery processes. Say goodbye to unwanted delivery problems and experience time and cost savings with this convenient extension.

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