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Installation of Security Patches

Installation of Security Patches
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Installation of Security Patches for Magento in your Magento Shop.

The following patches are available which solve security problems in Magento CE shops:

  • SUPEE-6482 (released on August 08, 2015 for Magento versions 1.4 - 1.9)

  • SUPEE-6285 (released on July 07, 2015 - new version on 09.07.2015 - for Magento versions 1.4 - 1.9)

  • SUPEE-5994 (released on May 14, 2015 for Magento versions - 1.9) - you have to have this one before installing SUPEE-6285!!!

  • SUPEE-5344 (released on February 09, 2015 for Magento versions 1.4 - 1.9)

  • SUPEE-1533 (released on October 03, 2014 for Magento versions 1.4 - 1.9)

In Magento CE version the patches SUPEE 1533 - 6482 are already included.

In view of unresolved questions regarding SUPEE-6788, released on October 27, 2015, and existing extensions, we do not list this patch at this point.

Please enter the credentials of your shop below. Please create a new backend as well as FTP account for us, which you can delete after finalization of the job. In case creating any of the two shouldn't be possible please change the password after finalization.

In some occasions it is not possible to install the patch(es). In this case we will inform you immediately and return the money completely or partly in case of some patches were able to be installed. We do not take ANY responsibility for the patches working as described by Magento. We just install the patches 1:1 in your shop.

All information as well as more data is shown on the Magentocommerce Site.

Please notice our terms

Please be aware of changed user-permissions / rights in patch SUPEE-6285. So in some cases extensions may not be accessable ("404 Access denied") in the backend for non-full-admin-rights-users.

In case you do not know which patches have already been installed please have a look in the FTP folder app/etc. As soon as at least one patch is installed there is a file called "applied.patches.list" which contains all information about installed patches and further information.

Shall we patch more than one shop? Please purchase one installation service each.

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